Rethink how you centralize, manage, and govern the flow of data

Clean, complete, consistent, and well-managed data is at the core of any business process and will enable significant returns and strategic investments for further growth for an organization. With the invasion of cloud, SaaS, mobile, IoT and increased popularity of APIs, a versatile enterprise integration offering with a robust data connectivity will enable you to drive a connected business. On the other-hand, reporting requirements and regulatory compliance have driven companies to explore Master Data Management Strategy solutions.
An enterprise can succeed and increase efficiencies only through robust data connectivity and system interoperability across multiple endpoints through a centralized data management hub.
Promantus Inc can create perfect alignment between your data management strategy and your enterprise goals. We can model, match, migrate, cleanse, and enrich all your data points across multiple systems and applications to accelerate better organization performance & growth and improve customer experience.
Our MDM consultants can help you to develop a single view of your business-critical data. We achieve this goal by automating the collection, cleansing, enrichment and storage of data from diverse sources, including sales, marketing, competitor data, and more.


Along with ChainSys our aim is to remain a key player in data management and business platform implementation (ERP) space. ChainSys has built a Smart Data Suite to sit on top of their own ERP platform—or work independently and with other platforms—to help companies get their data in order.

Smart Data Suite
specializes in migration, integration, consolidation, simplification, master data management, quality, governance and visualization software.

Data Management Platform

dataZense ™

Making ‘Zense’ of data is a challenge for most companies. dataZense is an end-to-end analytics platform that integrates all of your company’s data, secures it, and brings it to life through easy-to-use dashboards. The Data Catalog helps look for needed data in an organization.

  • • Pre-built dashboards for analytics and visualization
  • • Machine Learning meta data crawlers
  • • 9000+ ready to use connectors for major Enterprise Applications
  • • Analytical MDM engine to ensure quality data in your lake
  • • Data lineage and entity relationships for all data elements
  • • Implement GDPR, CCPA & local compliance guidelines. Opt-in/opt-out tracker
  • • Scramble and mask PII and other sensitive data
  • • Govern access to your organization’s data with ease

dataZen ™

It is a Software Platform for Data Quality Management (DQM), Data Governance and Master Data Management (MDM).

  • • Offers Data Profiling, Data De-duplication, Data Consolidation and more, to get your data clean
  • • Easily build Data Governance and MDM by using the configurable and agile features, with very little or no programming
  • • 9000+ data connection adapters covering 200+ Enterprise Applications, databases and data lakes, makes data integration tasks a breeze
  • • Domains such as Customer, Vendor and Supplier come standard with the product and building other domains is made easy

dataZap ™

dataZap allows you to perform data migration for setups, master and transactional data. It offers API connection adapters and data mapping templates for major ERPs from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and other Enterprise Systems. Predictable success in data migration engagements and savings in cost and time.

Data Migration

We’ve developed and optimized a migration methodology based on our experience migrating 100+ data management projects using our Smart Data Suite. Our migration approach is simple, fast, and proven. We’ve achieved this feat with minimal impact to our customers business and minimal need for supporting parallel MDM systems.

The fastest way to migrate data for 200+ applications
  • • Data Assessment, Pre Validation and Remediation
  • • Data Reconciliations
  • • Automated Functional Testing
  • • Source to Target Mappings Ready (Templates)
  • • Target Loading Ready (Templates)
  • • Source Extracts Ready (Templates)