Unleash the Full Potential of Kyriba
with Real Time Integration Developed by Promantus

Integrate Kyriba with SAP, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft, Salesforce etc. – Compelling cost savings in development and operation

Promantus is a global Kyriba co-selling and implementation partner. The focus on the KyribaLive 2022 conference is connectivity and payments and integration. APIs have the potential to revolutionize the treasury and finance functions as treasurers and CFOs have an increasing demand to have access to real-time information. .

Promantus is sponsoring the KyribaLive 2022. Promantus has the expertise to develop and maintain APIs that will meet all standards and we will obtain certification from the ERP systems whenever required.

With Promantus’ expertise and support you can leverage the new “Open API” developer platform launched by Kyriba in September 2021. The “Open API” streamlines the creation and connectivity of new applications and is accessible through the Kyriba developer portal.

Resources available – click to watch:

• Promantus Technology Solutions for Smarter Business – Read More
• Promantus – Corporate Overview – Download
• Unleash the full potential with APIs – Download
• Kyriba Unlocks Access to $15 Trillion Payment Network – Read More
• KPN – the Kyriba/SAP Connector developed by Promantus – Download
• Compelling Cost Savings with KPN (12 min video) – Click here to Watch
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Promantus being Kyriba’s partner for US and Northern Europe, ensures client relationship throughout the process.

At Promantus we build our consulting services based up on many years of experience in ERP and Treasury.
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