Hire right person at right time

Traditionally Hiring Team always work on a very few recruitment models like Just-In-Time, Batch hiring of Fresh Graduates and Forecasted Project based Hiring. Enrolling Fresh Graduates: This we do it when we are expanding and looking for new businesses that we venture into


Recruitment becomes very critical when we go for backfills and JIT hiring, we tend to do mistakes when the deadlines are too aggressive. Typically, We will get the JD from the hiring manager and we kick off this hiring by looking at our existing data base of resources, which typically never exists due to the unavailability of tools/processes. Otherwise we reach out to HR consultancies or Job Management portals for these critical hiring


Here is where we can help you to make it possible with our plugin tools, which will be making sure that we are optimizing the maintenance of existing database of job seekers’ profiles collected for earlier requirements. This way we can also utilize our staffing team by making them gather the profiles from the Job Management portals and categorize those according to our needs with minimal amount of categorization and making it simple, so that it is clutter free to locate the optimal resource with minimal manual effort. This will ensure that we are onboarding the right resource at right time. Talk to us to know about how we do it.

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