A Single System for HR, Finance and Planning

Workday does away with the traditional long and prohibitively expensive ERP implementations with its Software as a Service (SaaS) design. Call it SaaS, or call it cloud computing, Workday will simply revolutionize your business using the latest technologies and industry best practices.

  • We are one among the few companies who has proven AMS platform for Workday and supporting services currently.
  • Promantus has over 5 years’ experience in application management and support services with 7200+ days of consulting experience; 30,000+ days of AMS experience; and 5000+ Integrations with 50+ 3rd party Vendors.
  • Capable to tailor the Workday solutions to meet your needs and requirements during the initial pre-implementation. Our services are adaptable to meet your evolving changes, needs and requirements.
  • Promantus offers a full range of post-deployment and optimization services

Our Workday Services

Workday Consulting And Advisory Services

Provide consulting and Advisory services in planning the HR business processes and the related applications and tools which will efficiently run the HR function of all type of organizations.

Workday AMS Support Services

Provide both Functional and technical support of Workday support services either from onsite or offshore delivery centres.

Workday Enhancement projects

Develop new integrations and business processes as and when required and also to add additional capabilities to the existing integrations.

Workday Special Projects (M&A | Spin Offs)

Provide Advisory Planning and Migration services for Restructuring, M&A, On boarding new entity from a non-Workday organization in to the existing Workday ecosystem and so on.

Workday Security Administration

Workday Security administration as a service with separation of duty controls around it.

Workday Testing

Workday Testing, both manual and automated testing as service.