A Single System for business intelligence, augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and enterprise planning

In today’s experience economy, businesses that use data and analytics to gain actionable insights to improve customer service and staff engagement will triumph. Consequently, there will be more satisfied business users and subject matter experts thus creating an intelligent enterprise, increased sales and profitability.

With enhanced database and data management, analytics and intelligent technology capabilities, you may explore your data visualizations.

Why SAP Analytics ?

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Drive agile decisions with integrated planning and analysis

Move instantly from insight to action in one user experience. Simulate any scenario and automatically generate plans from predictions.

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Derive unique insights from your most valuable data

Utilize the full context of SAP data and bring analytics closer to the point of decision. Accelerate deployments with prepackaged best practices for your function or industry.

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Create bleeding-edge analytics with a complete solution

Automate data-driven insights with the power of machine learning. Compose specialized analytics apps quickly to address unique business requirements.

SAP Cloud solution

By combining business intelligence and corporate planning with the strength of predictive analytics and machine learning technologies into a single solution, the SAP Analytics Cloud solution assists all types of decision-makers. Everyone has everything they need incorporated where they work, allowing them to make quick, confident decisions with one another and help the company become more agile and intelligent rather than depending on standalone spreadsheets or separate, disconnected reporting and planning tools. Developers can easily and rapidly access and activate the service to construct and integrate business intelligence analytics capabilities utilizing APIs from their application and live connectivity with SAP HANA by using the embedded edition of the solution. A single portal to all of your trusted data and analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud is a component of SAP HANA® Cloud Services.

SAP Business Intelligence suite

Market-leading, on-premise analytics solutions are included in the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence suite, and enterprises have long depended on them to offer a complete, integrated platform. In order to improve decision-making and expand competitive advantage, the solutions assist in releasing the true value of data. This innovative track record continues as SAP improves all analytic capabilities to increase corporate agility, which is crucial in the digital economy.

SAP Digital Boardroom

Creates a real-time corporate experience for board meetings and meetings of all kinds spanning people, places, and devices. It is based on SAP Analytics Cloud and connects to SAP S/4HANA® as well as other programmes and databases to interact with an organization’s most crucial business indicators in order to track, simulate, and influence change in the experience economy. Managers can quickly drill into important areas of the business, such as revenues, pipeline, margin, employee attrition rate, and model business drivers on the fly to predict the future, thanks to fully automated business intelligence capabilities that significantly improve the quality and speed of reporting as well as collaboration in real time. Across all business divisions, SAP Digital Boardroom offers a unified perspective of the company’s operations.

Our Services

We offers end-to-end solutions inclusive of analysis, forecasting, and budgeting. Over the years, Promantus Inc has provided a helping hand for enterprise resource planning to businesses belonging to diverse industries. Our professional and experienced team will recommend the most effective solution based on your business requirements.

  • In-Depth Industry Knowledge
  • Universally Acceptable Solutions
  • 24 × 7 Assistance
  • Improved ROI

Strategic advantages

  • For all analytics requirements, a single strategic partner.
  • All stakeholders have access to business transparency with a single source of truth everywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • The capacity to simulate or act in the moment.
  • On-premises and cloud-based solutions for comprehensive, contemporary analytics.