Intelligent automation platform to Capture, Search, Analyze and Automate – both Documents and Web data

Botminds AI delivers 10x efficiency in weeks to clients in industries & functions with document-centric processes that deal with huge volumes of unstructured documents. With its AI-first approach, the No-code platform delivers significant efficiency improvements and faster turnaround times to clients in a wide range of industries and functions that rely on large volumes of unstructured documents.

The platform’s automation capabilities help reduce the time and effort required to complete document-centric tasks, liberating employees to focus on higher-value activities. Botminds AI is a disruptive intelligent automation platform helping businesses improve efficiency and productivity. Reimagining automation through AI and analytics, Botminds provides industry-leading time-to-value and rapid time to improve customer experiences with solutions that work seamlessly with existing businesses.



Data Capture to power up your business. Build your custom AI models, extract data from any complex PDF documents, scanned images, web pages, forms, and tables etc.


For high-precision results: Deploy your AI-powered vertical search engines, customized for your documents and domain. Personalize search experience for you and your team.


To better decision making, create business dashboards enabling the stakeholders to connect with insights from unstructured documents in real-time by means of charts, and trends.


Intelligent Automation to make processes efficient leverage the inbuilt document specific automation components to build end-to-end pipeline, saving huge license costs of the RPA & other suites.

What Makes Botminds AI Unique?

AI-First Approach
Automate processes not possible with traditional rule based RPA systems.
No-Code Platform
Allow SMEs to lead the Automation initiatives. Point & click to automate
Vertically Integrated
Eliminate the need for third-party systems, bot licenses, and multiple integrations.
End-to-End Automation
Achieve complete process automation using one holistic intelligent automation platform.


Botminds AI has solved business problems and improved document-heavy, knowledge-intensive processes across industries, at scale – and delivered operational efficiency and cost savings.

Invoice Automation

Template free pre-built AI models to handle any complex invoices from any number of vendors. Automate your accounts payable process end-to-end.

Contract Abstraction

Empower the entire organization by extracting key insights available in unstructured contracts and making it available as a Query able structured data.

Lease Process Automation

Automate complex lease documents abstraction process by augmenting lease abstractors – 600+ attributes in 3 hours against 12 hours before

Spread Process Automation

Augment the financial analysts with state-of-the-art AI to extract 1000+ data points from P&L tables & notes to account text from complex annual reports, 10K, 10Q filings.

Web Press Releases Monitoring and Extraction

Monitor press release from 10000+ company websites, identify daily the relevant press releases, structure the data in the format expected and push it to DB.

Claim Process Automation

Streamline claims and automate claims processing. On point solution to eliminate duplicate data entry, ensure accurate validations. Etc.

Adverse Events Monitoring

Automated end-to-end pharmacovigilance case processing helping PV associates in getting adverse events extracted from complex forms & reports.

KYC Automation

Automatically classify, extract & validate key information about the customers from the set of documents submitted as part of KYC process

Company Profile Creation

Creating a profile about a company by bringing data from documents & webpages like annual reports, investor presentations, press releases, etc.

Mortgage Underwriting Process Automation

Automated data entry from 600 to 1000+ page mortgage loan documents to help loan underwriters with faster turn-around-time.

ESG Data Extraction

ESG Data extraction from annual reports and sustainability reports along with press releases and other sources to create ESG ratings.

Enterprise Ready Platform

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Get timely and reliable assistance whenever they need it. 99.99% uptime guarantee on our SaaS platform

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Partner Community

A strong and vibrant partner community that is committed to helping our customers succeed.

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Workflows with RBAC

Robust RBAC-enabled workflows that help businesses securely manage access to their data and processes.

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Rapid Product Upgrades

Access to the latest and most advanced AI capabilities within Platform features.

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Encrypted Private Cloud

No Data leaves your environment. Military-grade encryption for data at rest as well in motion.

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API/Webhook Integrations

For seamless connection with upstream/downstream systems.

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Audit Logs

Comprehensive audit logs to track and monitor access to their data to ensure compliance

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SOC2 / ISO 270001

Highest standards of information security and compliance with international regulation standards


Promantus Inc and are collaborating to bring AI driven IDP solutions to enterprises to CAPTURE | SEARCH | ANALYZE | AUTOMATE Document & Web Data

Redefining smart and secure IDP for Enterprises

Our growing portfolio of solutions helps meet the needs of today’s organizations in this dynamic business environment using:

• AI-First Approach
• No-Code Platform
• Vertically Integrated
• Intelligent End-to-End Automation