A key way for better decision making

Key factors to consider in Meaningful work may improve profits Technology Advisory By leveraging technology investments to work seamlessly with people and processes so as to advance their larger business goals

For a better decision making

Advisory in general requires more case studies, expertise and domain knowledge to provide recommendations to customer on their future needs in terms of HR, payroll and Finance with combination of research and data. Advisory helps customers to narrow down their key challenges and then focus their future decisions on HR, payroll and Finance implementations. There are lot of areas to be covered under HR that must be addressed during decision making.

As Dynamic, qualified and adaptable people we understand the nuances of the client expectations that strives to nurture and accomplish their needs. We Promantus as Advisory focus on all the phases of Workday implementation starting from decision making to AMS. We help customers in all the areas surrounding the adoption of Workday. Promantus Inc is different because we truly believe there is a new and better way of implementing enterprise human resources. Our mission is to help “HR” work better.

@Promantus, we live the client life and thrive to keep discovering and inventing all the possibilities for them to be successful !!
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Author : Pradeep H V
Workday SME – Promantus Aps.,