NextGen QA Transformation through Behavior Driven Process to improve Efficiency, Drive down Cost, and Time to Market with “Test First” Approach

As trending world, the expectation from the Quality Engineering team is to ensure all the applications are tuned to deliver to every rising user expectations, at no additional cost hence the IT is under constant pressure to deliver new applications faster and cheaper with requirements are fairly fluctuating and demanding. In the fast phased development and multiple deployments the automation testing plays a key role to ensure the quality of product as well correlated with reducing the lead time for changes. Latest industry practice such as BDD helps to reduce the costs involved in automation testing, as well reduces fewer defect leakages

Customer Challenges

Reduce Time between development & Deployment, QA needs to transform and facilitate this , it requires a paradigm shift from conventional QA Automation from developer centric to Business Centric to increase the productivity and avoid late involvement of Quality Engineers , it helps to support DEVOPS process (Auto Test, Auto Deployment) by implementing Behavior Driven Technique (BDD)

Behavior Driven Technique

Behavioral driven development and testing is a way to reduce gap between the end user and the actual application being built. It uses natural language to describe the ‘actual behavior’ of the application in a common notation that can be understood by domain experts, developers, testers and clients alike, improving communication. It’s a refinement of practices such as test driven development (TDD) and acceptance test driven development (ATDD). Major advantage is that the tests verifying the behavior reflect the actual business requirements/user stories and generate the live document of the requirement (Feature Files), Hence the results generated can be read and understood by a non technical person, such as sponsor, a domain expert,etc. BDT , Which has changed the tester’s role dramatically in recent years, and bridges the communication gap between business and technology. It focuses on implementing and verifying only those behaviors that contribute most directly to the business outcome.


Our Solution approach is threefold, to resolve challenges in holistic way. It applies Behavior Driven testing with katalon studio hybrid framework, it ensures the business users are involved.

It ensures seamless communication between multiple stakeholders , technical teams and leverage industry standards 
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Author : Kamal Purushothaman
Global QA Business Head – Promantus